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By admin on May 20, 2018 — 1 min read

the Submarine is the right platform to address a young, woke public with high-quality native advertising. Controlled by Undermeda, the website can host tailored contents for your firm, finding your customers among our  public.

Native advertising is the leading ad model in today media industry. Rather than with annoying banners, public is better catched when the commercial message is well embodied within the chosen platform. This is mostly true when the platform counts on a good reputation among the public and a good quality standard, as it is for the Submarine.

Data shows the percentage of users clicking on traditional bans as lowering from 9% in year 2000 to 0,2% in 2012, while native advertising had steady growing rates. Native advertising provided in 2017 the 18% of the whole media advertising industry, a boost of the 7% from the previous year. This outcome is expected to reach the 30% at the end of year 2020. Other data points at native advertising as the thing to invest in. One above all, the number of firms that said they are going to choose it for their advertising, that reached the 51% of the whole in 2017.





We offer native advertising in the form of sponsored, long form articles and social media coverage on our magazine. We recently worked with Unipol for the launch of their socially focused branded magazine Changes. We covered the event live on our website and with a Twitter liveblog, and then published a long-form explainer tailored for our public on the interaction of climate change and mass migration in Africa.  (Live coverage / Long form explainer)

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