Why we founded the Submarine

By admin on May 27, 2018 — 1 min read

The Submarine is a daily online magazine tailored for extremely bright, discerning young people. We strive to be the voice of the Italian youth culture: written exclusively by a staff in their twenties, we are the only Italian media & information brand focused on this demographic.

In some way, it’s a vertical like many others on the internet — but instead of focusing on a single, if broad, area of interest, we are focusing on a target audience. A group that we feel is wholly unrepresented by the Italian mainstream media. We’ve called it the Submarine because we believe there’s a whole world of under reported, under represented, never understood stories that we can tell like nobody else. “Sopra e sotto la superficie”: our claim, in Italian, means, “above and below the surface.”

Our target demo is young women and men, 16–35 years-old, politically active, on the bleeding edge of technology and taste: the future of our country. We’ve reached them by being much closer to their interests and their spirit than any other publication. Following up and coming artists before their big coming out, keeping the tabs on the social scene: from protests to community centres, from borderline internet subcultures to Italian politics. This is not only a very socially important demographic target: it’s also extremely attractive to any advertiser. This is the next generation of customers, growing mostly digesting only international media — and the Submarine.

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