Why did we found an online newspaper?

By admin on May 28, 2018 — 1 min read

We founded the Submarine in the summer of 2016. Our mission is to drag above the surface the submerged stories forgotten by the Italian press, giving voice to our millennial generation.

the Submarine is an online newspapaer speaking to a young public, looking for deep and critical content on the internet.

More than other countries, Italy needs a media rejuvenation. Italian media have never come to terms with a new media platform — the internet. Big newspapers still don’t care properly about their online version, that have a superficial and unsatisfactory output. The vast majority of internet-based projects are low quality and build their fortunes and format on click-baiting content.

the Submarine is the affirmative answer to a specific question: is a high-quality web based information possible?

Everyday we deal with Italian and international facts, music, culture, internet — and the city of Milan, our periscope on the world. We only talk about things that we deem worthy, trying to bring above the surface stories not easy to see, trying to swipe away fake news and disinformation. We know that we are exposed at the risk of becoming clumsy and professorial: and we always keep an eye open not to become so. We like to give an easier, swift view about the world when we think it’s appropriate, since we think it’s important to mix serious and intriguing voices to look at the world properly.

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